Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Other

We imagine reality.

Reality, too, imagines us. Biology fabricates our subjective existence.

Or does it? What if it’s the other way around? We get a big hint about that in the double slit experiment (with delayed choice):

The implication is this: However we approach reality, we meet radiant Mystery. By ‘radiant,’ I mean self-illuminating. Reality shines a light on itself, its autonomy. Reality, at the most fundamental quantum level, is the Other.

Look at the double-slit experiment. The observer decides particle or interference pattern – yet has no influence where the actual material event occurs: if we choose to observe which of two slits the particle passes through, we have no influence over which of the two slits the particle enters. The detector informs us after the fact. Similarly, if we decide to observe the interference pattern, then we have no influence over where we will observe any given particle in the plane of observation. Both results remain wholly random.

Reality, at the most fundamental quantum level, is the Other.

So … who are we?


Blogger shaun said...

Are we . . .

...the mirror-people escaped from their self-portraits?
...individual droplets comprising a much larger wave?
...creatures of a greater wave which is destroyed when we examine it?
...waves of a myriad creatures so long as we do not interfere with it?

We are what breaks down into a higher order
The lower order who peers over its own event horizon
Becoming a higher order that looks back from whence it came

We are broken down from an ionic compound and reconstructed by electrostatic forces...
We are the electrically insulated beings of a highly conductive phenomenon...
We are the escaped electrons of a greater wave that made it through the slit...

Sparks to sparks . . .
Salt to salt . . .

October 20, 2014 at 10:04 AM  

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